Join us on October
23rd, 2021

El Hogar’s immersive, virtual multi-media event.

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Meet three students and one alumnus who share stories of their personal history and their transformation and growth at El Hogar.

Witness how the faculty and staff at El Hogar have created a safe and nurturing space that allows so many children from such vulnerable circumstances to blossom and thrive through learning, expression and renewal.

Delight in the beauty, culture and cuisine of Honduras.

Hear from Executive Director Denise Vargas about the amazing faculty and staff that make this transformation possible.

Connect with the people and programs of El Hogar and support our ongoing mission to provide a home, an education and a future to so many deserving children and youth in Honduras.

Interact with the El Hogar community and win some fun prizes.

Please join us on
October 23rd at 7:30 EST

Tickets to benefit El Hogar

General Admission: $60 
25 years and Under: $25

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