Independence Day Parade, many years ago!
Just Hanging Around
Playing Soccer at the National Stadium
Independence Day Parade
Heading to Baseball Practice
Making bread
Picking out books for the library
Electricity Workshop
Independence Day Parade
Dynamic Learning
Playing the Marimba
Cheering on the Soccer Team
Just Hanging Around!
Harvesting Beets from the Garden
Taekwondo Training
It’s Hard to Keep a Straight Face!
Family Visits
The View at the Farm
Getting a Dental Check-Up
Cluck Cluck!
In the Welding Workshop
Fifth grade students learning about the solar system
Campaigning for student council elections
The electoral council for student council elections
In the Welding Workshop
Human wheel game!
First grade students dressed up for Earth Day
Visiting the farm
The 11th grade students dedicated a tree to compañero, Kenis
Ninth grade students making a bench in the welding workshop
Taekwondo Classes
Visiting the Art Gallery
The choir providing the music for the end of year service
Some of the folk dancers
Sixth grade honour roll students
The Class of 2023
Learning residential installation in the electricity workshop
Reading Cipotes by renowned Honduran author Ramón Amaya Amador
Some card games between classes!
Agility training in phys. ed. class
Alumni Danery and César with Don Lázaro during our Bingo fundraiser
Sixth graders enjoying some time in the library
Practicing the letter ‘A’ in first grade

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