The Immersion Program information and resources are currently in development.  More information will be available soon.


(/ɪˈməːs/): involve oneself deeply in a particular activity.

El Hogar welcomes visiting teams during the Honduran school year (February to October) to immerse themselves in the daily life at our centers.  This trip is an educational experience that will give you the opportunity to engage with the students and staff at our centers as well as with other NGOS and community members, understand our work in Honduras and the complexity of poverty and partner with us to help us fulfill our mission.

An Immersion Trip is an opportunity for you to unplug from your everyday lives at home and plug into the everyday lives of those you meet and spend time with at our centers in Honduras.  They will help you understand a new culture and build a fresh perspective on this fascinating part of the world.

No one trip to Honduras or one project at El Hogar can solve the very complex issues that our organization is working to address.  However, we do believe that immersing yourself in the world of El Hogar can help you to gain a better understanding of the situation in Honduras and Central America and enable you to partner with us, our staff and students and the people of Honduras to be part of an ongoing conversation about solutions to the difficult issues they face. 
An Immersion Trip is just one step towards a long-term relationship with El Hogar and Honduras.

What to Expect

  • Experience what daily life is like for the staff and students in our program.
  • Learn about the values of El Hogar, the history and culture of Honduras and the complexities of poverty.
  • Recognize the professional qualifications of El Hogar’s Honduran staff, and partner with them to promote their work and their programming goals.
  • Expand your understanding of how actions in North America affect Honduras and Central America; from personal purchases to local and global political policies and decisions.
  • Experience heightened personal and spiritual growth and cross-cultural learning.
  • Increase your commitment to serving El Hogar’s vulnerable populations – socially and/or financially.
  • Become an advocate for El Hogar, for social justice and for solutions to poverty in Honduras and Central America; increase your commitment to serving El Hogar’s vulnerable populations, socially and/or financially.

Tips for Travel

  • Teams come to learn, not to change or fix things.
  • Things might not go as expected.  Ask questions and listen carefully to the response of how and why things happen differently.
  • Be gracious and have an open mind and an open heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Room, board and local transportation fee: $470 USD per person*
  • Project fee: $2,500 USD per group*
  • Roundtrip airfare can range from $700-$1,200 depending on dates of travel and departure city.
  • Discretionary funds (about $50-100) is recommended per person

*These items should be paid either online or by cheque to our Woburn office prior to the trip

  • The ideal size of a team is 10-12 people
  • The maximum size is 14 people
  • Any teams less than 10 people or more than 14 people are encouraged to contact the Manager of Communications and International Relations, Erika Skafel, at [email protected]

Contact the Manager of Communications and International Relations, Erika Skafel, at [email protected] with any questions, or simply submit an application, found at the bottom of this webpage.

The whole team should plan to arrive in Tegucigalpa around the same time to facilitate transportation as a group to El Hogar.  However, if exceptions need to be made due to flight availability this should be discussed with the Manager of Communications and International Relations ([email protected]) with as much notice as possible.

Immersion Teams can visit El Hogar from February through October, with a few blackout dates for Honduran holidays. A calendar of available dates will be available soon.

Immersion Teams will be provided with three meals a day that consist of traditional Honduran food.  This includes beans, rice, eggs, chicken, corn tortillas and seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Some of the produce and dairy products are produced at our farm in Talanga.  Occasionally there may be an opportunity to eat a meal off campus, and teams are also welcome to bring snacks to keep in the visitor house.  Purified drinking water will be provided.

It is ideal if someone on your team speaks at least conversational Spanish.  Although it is not necessary for everyone to speak Spanish, team members are encouraged to learn some basic Spanish phrases and vocabulary to help with communication and to enhance your experience.

You will be met at the airport by El Hogar staff who will orient you, help you change money and will drive you to El Hogar.

The temperatures are generally the highest during the end of the dry season (January – April), and a bit cooler during the rainy season (May – October), but the average daily high sits between about 77 – 86o F (25-30o C) most of the year.  While the temperature may be hot, the humidity is relatively low due to the high elevation of Tegucigalpa and surrounding areas.

  • The project fee of $2,500 is due two months ahead of your trip.
  • Payments can be made via check or online.

There is some risk associated with travel to a developing country, but El Hogar makes the safety of Immersion teams their utmost priority.  Please review the Immersion Team Handbook for guidelines for your safety and security.  It is essential that all team members follow these guidelines to ensure their safety, that of the team and of the organization.

Team preparation is essential for an impactful and valuable experience in Honduras.  We recommend that you book your trip with at least six months lead time to give your team an adequate time to prepare.  Preparation materials will be provided to the team leader once you have booked your trip.

United States and Canadian Citizens do not require a visa to travel to Honduras, however they require a valid passport with an expiration of at least six months after the date your trip begins.  If you are travelling from another country, please check current travel requirements.

There are no immunization requirements for travel to Honduras from Canada or the United States, however if you are travelling from another country, please check current travel requirements.  You should check with your family doctor and/or a travel clinic for recommended immunizations. You are also encouraged to purchase travel insurance.

Helpful Information

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2023 Dates

These are the available dates to travel to Honduras, make sure to plan your trip ahead of time.

Immersion Trip Application

Submitting this application is the first step in planning an incredible journey that many find to be transformative.

  • General Information

  • Team Leader Information

  • Team Information

    Because Immersion teams consume resources in Honduras, a full team is better for El Hogar. If you have less than 10 people on your team at the time applications are due, El Hogar may add members to your team or combine your team with another small team. Please also keep in mind that introducing new people to El Hogar is critical to the sustainability of our programs.
  • Travel Date Request

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • The following criteria are used when considering applications: motivations, size of the group and number of travellers who are new to El Hogar. If you are a returning team, additional criteria may include your previous trip experience in Honduras and your active involvement with and support for El Hogar since your return from that trip.

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