Notes from Honduras – Nov ’21

November 3, 2021

Fostering National Pride

by Erika Skafel
Communications and International Relations

The Honduran national anthem was written by poet Augusto Coello and composed by Carlos Hartling and was made official in 1915 by then president Doctor Alberto Membreño. The anthem was written to express a collective sentiment of love, gratitude, loyalty and respect for the sake of the most valuable national interests. It is comprised of seven verses and one chorus that is repeated after every verse, although popularly just the seventh verse and chorus are sung.

As a requirement for graduation, all high school seniors must pass an exam about the national anthem, and our students have spent the last week studying and preparing for this patriotic event.

The students had to memorize all seven verses and the chorus as well as the significance of each one. They also had to memorize the answers to 100 (yes, 100!) questions that contain information ranging from the name of the composer, to describing the national symbols that are referred to in the lyrics. There’s even a question that asks the name of the newspaper that published the decree declaring the national anthem official. (Answer: it’s “La Gaceta”!)

The exam had multiple parts and was evaluated by teachers and school authorities. First, the students had to demonstrate that they could properly fold the Honduran flag. Then, each student had to conduct their peers in the singing of a verse of the anthem. After a quick break, the students returned to the exam room where they had to explain the significance of one verse, based on a number they drew at random. The final part of the evaluation was a written exam, which contained 25 questions.

The atmosphere in the exam room was intense, but each student performed with confidence. Once the final student turned in their exam, the whole class group hugged outside as they celebrated one more accomplishment before they officially graduate!

This year, the promotion ceremony for the 6th graders at Hogar de Amor y Esperanza will be held on Thursday December 2nd. The graduation ceremony for 9th and 12th graders at the Technical Institute will be held on Friday December 3rd. Stay connected for more information about Graduation in the coming weeks.

Your flag, your flag
is a piece of sky
crossed, oh crossed
by a dash of snow.
And on its hallowed ground can be seen
five stars of a pale blue.
On your crest, that a clamorous sea
shields with its roaring waves.
Beyond a volcano, beyond a volcano
its top bared
there’s a star, there’s a star
of radiant light.

Verse VII:
So as to keep this divine crest
O homeland, we’ll march into death.
Our luck will be generous
if we die while thinking of your love,
defending your sacred flag.
And many, Honduras, will be your dead
wrapped up in your glorious folds,
but all will fall with honor

Tu bandera, tu bandera
es un lampo de cielo
por un bloque, por un bloque
de nieve cruzado;
y se ven en su fondo sagrado
cinco estrellas de pálido azul;
en tu emblema, que un mar rumoroso
con sus ondas bravías escuda,
de un volcán, tras la cima desnuda,
hay un astro de nítida Luz.

Estrofa VII
Por guardar ese emblema divino
marcharemos, ¡oh patria! A la muerte,
generosa será nuestra suerte,
si morimos pensando en tu amor.
Defendiendo tu santa bandera
y en tus pliegues gloriosos cubiertos
serán muchos, Honduras, tus muertos
pero todos caerán con honor.

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