Notes from Honduras – March ’23

March 30, 2023

Community Health Partnerships

By Dr. Nora Nuñez
Dentist and Health Program Coordinator

During the last week of February, we held a Health Fair in collaboration with the national public health department, which we have been planning since last November.  The main objective of the Health Fair was that each one of our students, residential and day students alike, could receive a complete annual medical evaluation, access to deworming medication and vitamin supplements.

The event took place over the course of six hours and our students were attended by a team of 25 local professionals: 5 doctors, 3 microbiologists, 1 psychologist, 4 pharmacists, 5 nurses, 3 nutrition students and 5 coordinators and logistics support people.

Overall, 147 of our total of 219 elementary and high school students attended the fair.  All of our day students were accompanied by a family member as they attended their checkup.  Our residential students were accompanied by either a counselor or our nurse.  Their medical exam consisted of a well child check as well as advice and treatment for common health problems like the common cold, headaches, stomach aches, deworming and vitamin treatment.  They also provided some students with individualized treatments, using laboratory tests and these patients were given follow up appointments with the public health department.  

In the laboratory, they did blood counts, Covid-19 antigen tests and urine screening.  The nutrition students measured the height and weight of each of our students and were able to compare it to measures from last year on the growth chart and offer recommendations when necessary.  They also gave presentations in each of the classrooms to talk about the food groups.  The psychological screening was optional, and a few families of our students sought psychological support.

Whenever we do activities like this, we are reminded of the power and closeness of the El Hogar community.  One of the microbiologists saw the communication about this health fair while the public health department was doing their internal planning and was surprised to see Proyectos El Hogar (El Hogar Projects) on the calendar of events.  He finished sixth grade at the elementary school in 2004!  He signed up to attend immediately.  He was very happy to be visiting El Hogar while also being able to give back.  He said his time at El Hogar was something he will never forget, and he is still so grateful for the things he learned at El Hogar for the six years he was here.  Between running blood counts and Covid tests, he took some time to visit the campus and share memories with director Claudia and some of the teachers who taught him when he was here as a student.  

Partnerships like the one with the public health department are so important for us to be able to provide as much opportunity and care for our students.  Working for the same goal of raising and nurturing our students it brings our community together!

Thank you for your continued support of El Hogar!

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