Blessings From El Hogar

June 13, 2023

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” 
2 Corinthians 13:14

Greetings! We pray that this letter finds you in good health and filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit. As the feast of Pentecost approaches, we want to express our deep gratitude for your past generosity and faithful partnership in fulfilling El Hogar’s mission to help children of Honduras to reach their full potential. Over the years, we have witnessed tremendous growth and progress, and it is with great excitement that we share some of the wonderful blessings that have unfolded.

In the year 2020, we celebrated a significant milestone as our first class of 12th graders successfully graduated from our program. Since then, a total of 28 students have proudly received their high school diplomas, becoming shining examples of the transformative power of education. We are pleased to report that 20 of these graduates have already embarked on promising paths, either gainfully employed or pursuing higher education. Through your compassionate support, you have played a vital role in making these achievements possible.

Moreover, we are delighted to witness a profound shift towards gender balance within our student body. In recent years, El Hogar de Amor y Esperanza (HAYE) in Tegucigalpa has seen an average total enrollment of 110 students, with 57 boys and 53 girls. At the Instituto Tecnico de Santa Maria (ITSM) in Amarateca, we have experienced a remarkable 50% increase in the number of girls enrolled. This positive trend is steadily moving us closer to our goal of achieving gender equality. As we nurture and guide our younger students, we anticipate even greater progress in fostering a harmonious balance between boys and girls within our programs.

Through God’s abundant grace, our Residential Program has undergone significant enhancements to create a more nurturing and family-like environment for our students. This multi-year initiative has encompassed fundamental changes, including a smaller student-to-caregiver ratio, specialized trauma training for our caregivers, fostering sibling unity, and transforming our living spaces into warm and welcoming homes. The impact of these improvements has surpassed our expectations, nurturing a deep sense of belonging, strengthening familial bonds, and instilling a lasting sense of self- worth in our students. In the heartfelt words of one of our dedicated staff members,

“The children at El Hogar have always had a home here, and now they truly feel at home like never before.” 

We are thrilled to announce the revival of our El Hogar visit program, now rebranded as El Hogar Connects. After a three-year hiatus due to the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, we are overjoyed to once again welcome visiting groups to our campuses. El Hogar Connects offers a transformative experience, inviting visitors to engage in service, intercultural communication, and experiential learning. Our aim is to deepen mutual understanding between communities while providing opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth. It is with great anticipation and excitement that we look forward to welcoming visitors back to our campuses this summer, allowing them to witness firsthand the life-giving mission of El Hogar.

These achievements represent just a glimpse of the progress and innovation that have graced El Hogar in recent years. As we reflect upon the profound impact your past support has had on the lives of countless children and their families, we humbly implore you to consider reengaging with us through a generous donation. Your gift will serve as a tangible expression of God’s love and compassion, empowering life-transforming opportunities to families and children in need.

We earnestly pray that the Holy Spirit moves your heart to join us once again in this noble cause. Your contribution will be a testament to your unwavering faith and compassion, illuminating the lives of many deserving children in Honduras and offering them a future filled with hope and possibility.

Faithfully yours,

Thank you for your continued support of El Hogar!

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