Notes from Honduras – April 2023

April 26, 2023

Eber graduated from El Hogar in 2022. He studied 7th grade at the agricultural school and 8th to 12th grade at the Technical Institute in the electricity workshop. In a recent conversation with Eber, he spoke about his experience and his gratitude for El Hogar.

“El Hogar is like a second family, one that helps us with our studies, but also prepares us to enter society with skills and the ability to put into practice what we learned, in work, values and discipline.”

Through his experience at El Hogar, Eber learned more than just academic and vocational skills, he learned discipline, respect, and how to foster a growth mindset. He never imagined he would find such an important community in El Hogar but is so grateful for the bond of brotherhood he formed with his classmates and the guidance, care and love from his teachers and counselors. He particularly speaks of Profe Norma who is like a second mother to him and so many students.

“Profe Normita watches over everyone and makes sure that all our needs are met. She provides good advice, she encourages us when we think they can’t do something, she is loving and understanding, but also firm and fair in her treatment.”

Eber believes he has an advantage academically and personally because of El Hogar. Eber would like to become a physical education teacher and next month he will begin studying pedagogy (education) at university.

“I think it’s important to give back what one receives. During my time at El Hogar I have needed advice and encouragement both in my studies and in my personal life and my teachers and counselors gave that to me. I want to do the same to inspire youth to continue their studies and give them the support they need.”

This year, Eber is working at the Technical Institute, where he supports the counselors and teachers in their work. As a member of the staff, Eber has a different perspective on the work at El Hogar and shared that he is excited to see what the future holds for the organization. He is encouraging students take advantage of all the different opportunities they have at El Hogar and shared that he hopes to see El Hogar grow.

“I think there are more opportunities and knowledge that different people or organizations can help us foster. With partnerships we will be able to strengthen the El Hogar family with people who have the same goal of improving the lives of the students and the Honduran society.”

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